My graduate

My graduate

my son graduated from high school. i am a proud mom.


work time

As my son is now 18, he has been trying to find a job. Or at least kind of trying. He is kind of in that phase of wanting to work and make money but also wanting to only work particular hours, in particular places, being way too picky for his first job. He also has an internet girlfriend that he wants to make sure he has time for. It is kind of frustrating and understandable at the same time. He has had a hard time finding a job, has applied quite a few places, and has had a few interviews. He actually has an interview tomorrow at Albertson’s grocery store. That would be awesome. The hours, the pay, the experience would be perfect for him. He did have issues of working in fast food. It was not on the top of his list. My fingers and toes are crossed for tomorrow. Although he is annoying with his attitude, irritating with his choices, and makes me craZy with his thoughts, he is at least adult enough to have his own ideas and knows what he wants. I guess I can’t argue with that. All I know is that I definitely need the help and once he starts working, he is going to start paying rent…lol…and his own car insurance….and his own gas.

Watch a movie with me

Today I decided to rent a few movies through Red Box that I thought my son and I could sit and watch tonight. I was excited because they were two movies I thought he would want to see. Well, I guess just because I want to watch something with him does not mean that he wants to watch something with me. I understand he has his own life. He wanted to go to a friend’s house, go for a walk with a friend, and just hang out. So, I just sat down and watched the movies by myself and they were amazing. I guess I have to start getting used to spending time by myself. With two teenagers with lives of own, I guess I need a life of my own also. And if that means watching a movie by myself, then that is what it means. He usually feels bad for not doing something with me. I guess I do have a way to make him feel bad, but I do not mean to. I just get my feelings hurt a little and do not hide it very well. I am not really that upset, I definitely do not want him to feel bad about it. I just wish when I want to watch special movies with him, that he would want to watch them with me to. But that is what I wish, not what he wishes, and I get that.

vacation over

I couldn’t wait to go on vacation. I needed time off so badly. My kids and I have had a lot going on and we needed time away. We spent five days in Newport, Oregon. We spent time chilling out on the beach, watching the waves, and playing soccer. We spent a full day going to wax museums, Ripley’s museum, and aquariums. 

My most favorite part of the trip was the antique store shopping. I can spend hours roaming the aisles and always find the most awesome things. We probably went to at least 15 different antique shops. My goal this trip was to find items for my garden and the yard. I found flower pots, chimes, signs, and garden statues. I even found some awesome clothes. 

The weather was beautiful and the sand was soft. The sun was bright and the wind was calm. We saw sea lions and seals hanging out on the shore. We went to two lighthouses and took a million pictures. 

We had to come home two days earlier than planned. My son was called for a job interview we had to come back for. Also, I got a call from an old coworker letting me know a mutual coworker passed away. I did not get back in time for the funeral but my son did pretty good at his interview.

It is astonishing how tired you get going on vacation. The kids and I have been just laying around since we got home. It is a lot of work leaving home for five days. You get home and have to do laundry, cleaning, unloading, grocery shopping. It almost makes me want to go back on vacation.